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Purchase our kits to make life easy!

These are just some of our many kits.  Our kits are easy to use and affordable for many occasions.  OSHC and daycare centres love them for use in after school programs and also vacation care programs.  They make great presents for birthday's and Christmas and can be used as an activity for birthday parties and fundraising events.  They come with full instructions and materials. ASK US FOR NEW KITS THAT HAVE JUST ARRIVED. Click here to email us with orders or questions.

Candle Making
Candle Making Kits

Crystallised Candle Making Kits are available in 3 jar sizes:



1 crystallised candle 



1 crystallised candle

1 Beeswax candle

Included in the kits:
* Crystallised Coloured Wax 
* Jars and Wicks 
* Scent
* Full Instructions

Crystallised Wax
Bulk Crystallised Wax Wicks & Jars

Once your kids have made a crystallised candle, we guarantee they'll want to do it again.


Reuse the jars by washing out any wax with hot soapy water.  Simply add a new wick and start pouring in your crystallised wax to make a new candle.  Any glass jar can be used to make these awesome candles.  


500g - $10.50 per colour

1kg - $15.00 per colour

50 wicks - $5.50

50 small glass jars - $75.00

Teddy Bear Kit
Make A Teddy Bears and Paint A Shirt

The children get to make stuff their own 6" teddy bear, place a heart inside, receive an adoption certificate and paint a t-shirt for their new friend.


$16.00 each


Included in the kits:
* Bear 
* Stuffing 
* Adoption Certificate

* White T-Shirt for Painting
* Full Instructions

Candle Painting
Christmas Tree Kits

Included in the kits:
* 1 timber clock (per child)
* Glitter
* Sparkles to glue on

* Glue

* Tinsel.
* Full Instructions

Clock Making
Clock Making Kits

These are fantastic timber clocks.  They measure approximately 30 centimetres in diameter.  They come with full working mechanism and hands (AA battery not supplied).


Included in the kits:
* Timber clock with mechanism attached
* Hands to attach on finished clock
* Full Instructions


Kit  - $12.00 per child



Silk Painting
Silk Painting Kits

The silks are predrawn ready to paint.  Great for any age.  Once finished these are ready to put into a glass frame (not included) and ready to hang.


Included in the kits:
* Pre-drawn silk on black cardboard frame.
* Silk Paints
* Full Instructions


Kit - $12.00 per child

Please see our full catalogue for all of our available kits. Click here to download a copy.

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